GIMC: Before the fatal stampede

The events leading up to the last leg of the Gaborone International Music and Culture Week in pictures.

By: Nomonde Mohapi
On: 06 September 2017

When bad things happen, it’s easy to forget the good things, isn’t it? In this regard I had forgotten that there was a point where I actually enjoyed the GIMC, the events I attended leading up to the concert that turned into Nemo’s murder scene were so beautiful, so thought through with so much effort and excellence. And here they are:


The GIMC Jazz festival was my favourite event, and also the first event to kick off the week long festival. Well bias is expected from me because jazz is at the base of my hierarchy of needs. The evening was so intimate, hosted at Stanbic Piazza, affectionately called “Botswana’s theDome” by a colleague of mine. A warm and appreciative audience, spilled into the aisles and  caught the beautiful, intimate and calm atmosphere that live jazz never fails to creates.                                                                                                       Picture: Nomonde Mohapi


About me: Female instrumentalists make me weak at the knees, so Afro-pop sensation Amantle Brown would have stolen my heart even if her and her band just stood there and mimed. However, it turned out that not only is Amantle awesome because she has female instrumentalists in her band but also because she knows how to set the house on fire; whether she is getting the crowd in their feels with Black Mampatile or turning women into sexy dance goddesses with her Nigerian inspired, Follo.


So I was just minding my business and then out of nowhere I saw a crowd of people congregating in a section of the seating area. Why? Because the legendary, most graceful South African Jazz legend, Sipho Hotstix Mabuse had graced the event with his consistently humble presence and everyone wanted a peace of him (selfies). I unfortunately could not take a proper picture of him but I managed to photo crush a fan’s picture whilst she was posing for another camera. I hope that explains the horrible quality.