Check-in into our lodgings around midday. Get settled in and rest.

 • If you are not too tired you can use your napping time to explore the vibrant and youthful Long Street by day.

 @ 3pm we are taking a walk to Bo-Kaap. Wear comfortable shoes, the walk is an hour and half. Bring some cash for lunch and souvenirs.

 Dinner will be served @ 7pm at home, courtesy of the club. (YAAAAY FREE FOOD!)

 We can’t really say what is going to happen after dinner, but it rhymes with the words: “Phuza Thirstday on Long Street”. The first round of drinks is courtesy of the club.
Transport: R10

• Cut-off time for Phuza Thirstday is 11:30pm as we have an eventful morning and evening tomorrow