• “We are the champions my friend and we’ll keep on fighting till the end” Come on, join me in song and pat yourself on your bloody back because you made it baby. Look at you, 72 hours of pumping yourself with liquour and sleeping for 2 hours per day but you are still alive. You deserve a reward for all your worst behaviour just to ease yourself into reality. So in the famous words of Orprah Winfrey: You go to Sun city, you go to Sun City, we all go to Sun City.

And we leave at 7 am (it’s only an hour away but it might take us 2 hours, because traffic is a reality the morning after)

• Mystery 3 hours stopover in Rustenburg (breakfast included)

• Arrive at the the resort  around 2pm

 FREE TIME.  Here is a list of activities you can partake in on your free time but we highly recommend the sleeping activity. You haven’t had proper sleep in a while. Yes we know you are an animal we saw you these past three days, you low down party timer but it’s time to ease yourself into civilization and do humanly things and sleeping is one of them. But if you are not keen then do you boo.

• Dinner will be served at our lodgings at 7pm

• Join us in the patio for board games over drinks (snacks will be served, drinks are at your own expense)

If the bed is calling you then kindly respond to it, no one will stand in the way of your success.