Oppi Survival guide

1.Thoroughly go through the itinerary, it will be your guiding light for packing and other important things that will make your trip stress-free.

2. A minimum of R1000 pocket money should be sufficient for this trip.

3. Please note that OppiKoppi runs on a cashless system that helps you to not make it rain with your groceries and petrol money. You use a card that’s loaded with the cash value of your choosing to purchase food and  merchandise at the festival. You are advised to pre-purchase your  card here

4. It is no secret that alcohol is ridiculously priced at festivals, so you are advised to bring your own.

5. It would be unwise to not bring a cooler box to store your alcohol (You will purchase the ice in Northam).

6. If you plan to get lit with alcoholic drinks at the festival site, pour your alcoholic drink into your plastic squeezer bottle before you leave the campsite, as bottles and cans are not allowed into the festival site.

7. Stay hydrated, especially if you are going to be indulging in alcoholic drinks. The sun and alcohol make a dangerous cocktail that could lead to heat cramps and heat stroke. And because bottled water is such an expensive commodity at Oppi, buy the Oppi water bottle for R50, it guarantees you free bottomless refills.

8. Take power naps in between performances you are not really keen on, you will need all the energy your body can avail to you, to survive the awesomeness that is this festival.

9. Bring a torch and always pack it in your backpack so to make it easier to find your way to your tent when the night has come upon us.

10. Bring weather appropriate clothing, the days are hot as hell and the nights are freezing cold. (Don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses)

11. Yes you can bring decent clothing for Sun City but please wear your skroplap clothing at the festival. Oppi is not designed for your boutique bought clothes and expensive Air Max. You will bleed from heart break if someone mistakenly ashes or spills a drink on them.

12. Bring swimwear and a beach towel for Sun City.

13. Bring your own roll of tissue.

14. Hand sanitizer

15. Toilet seat sanitizer or just normal wet wipes will do.

16. Oh my gosh, the worst thing you could do is to forget to bring your toiletry bag, don’t hurt yourself like that, please.

17. Dust is a thing at Oppi so please bring a bandanna/ paint mask or buff to keep the dust out of your airways.

18. Pack condoms, no really, like on a serious note. If you know that you will be getting sexually lit at Oppi please do so responsibly.

19. And lastly, bring a good attitude, we don’t want your douchebaggery attitude towards other squad members to ruin Oppi for us. Respect your fellow members, extend kindness towards them and speak with caution, “I was drunk” is not an excuse.