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Bushfire 22

Bushfire 2015.                                                                                                                  Image: Vuyi Qubeka

Bushfire 12

Sistas just chilling  and having no care for the world at Bushfire 2015.             Image: Vuyi Qubeka

Bushfire 20

Left: Les Nubian (left) and Freshlyground (right) at Bushfire 2016.                   Image: Vuyi Qubeka


Kenyan band Sauti Sol and their usual high-energy performances definitely had their fans buying muscle relaxers at Bushfire 2016.                               Image:Courtesy of MTN Bushfire


Looking as stylish as ever, Nigerian born singer-songwriter Femi Koya had fans throwing their morals out the window with his Afro-beats at Bushfire 2017                          Image:Jerri Mokgofe

Bushfire 27 Jerri-Mokgofe

Nothing sits as beautiful as colour on Sistas. Bushfire 2016.                             Image: Jerri Mokgofe

Bushfire 28 Jerri-Mokgofe

BRING YOUR FIRE is MTN Bushfire’s inspiring call to action, and this brother seems to                    understand exactly what that means, he brought all his FIRE IN 2016           Image: Jerri Mokgofe

The-Soil- Ella Wildin 2015

South African Acapella trio, The Soil at Bushfire 2015.                 Image: Courtesy of MTN Bushfire


65 successful albums later, the legendary Oliver Mtukudzi still stands and did he not get the crowd in their feels at Bushfire 2016.                                                        Image: Bram Lammers

Bushfire 32 Jerri-Mokgofe-Photography 2016

Beatentberg on stage at MTN Bushfire 2016.                                                          Image: Jerri Mokgofe

Bushfire 29 Jerri-Mokgofe

There was so much African Butter at Bushfire 2016.                                             Image: Jerri Mokgofe


South Africa’s first lady of House music, not only closed off the first night of Bushfire 2016           having  had her fans release endorphins but she closed it off dancing to her own tune.                       Image: Bram Lammers


He/She who is not dancing is a child to a witch~ South African proverb.  This is all we can say about the performance of South African duo, Mafikizolo at Bushfire 2016.                   Image: Bram Lammers


Proudly Swazi campers marked their territory with pride at Malandela’s farm campsite in 2016.        Image: Courtesy of MTN Bushfire

SWAZILAND/MALKERNS - 31 May 2014 - BUSHFIRE FFESTIVAL 2014Photo: Bram Lammers

The gods of good weather were showing at Bushfire 2015.           Image: Courtesy of MTN Bushfire

Bholoja-2015- Paul Paunde

The Swazi Kingdom’s own songsmith, Bholoja, serenaded the crowd with his soulful tunes at Bushfire 2015.                                                                                                           Image Paul Paunde


Jovi, lead singer of the band BCUC took the crowd on an unforgettable spiritual journey in 2015.   Image: Vuyi Qubeka

Bushfire 21

And if you are too short to see? Well…                                                          Image: Vuyi Qubeka (2015)

Bushfire 30 Jerri-Mokgofe

Oh would you look at that! It seems as though  Zach Galifianakis went to private school and came to Swaziland to show off.                                                                                            Image: Jerri Mokgofe


The performance of South Africa’s favourite village girl, Zahara, needed one to have a box of         Kleenex. The honesty and sincerity of her performance created a melancholy atmosphere, but   in the most beautiful way ever. The performance was definitely one of 2017’s highlights.              Image: Jerri Mokgofe


Petite Noir, a Belgian born, Congolese singer who is based in Cape Town, South Africa possessed his fans with his “noir wave” at Bushfire 2017.               Image: Sydelle Smith


80 year old Jazz legend and struggle icon, Hugh Masekela gave a nostalgic, worthy of praise          performance at Bushfire 2017. He kicked his age out of the way and blew his trumpet like he still had his youthful days ahead of him.                                                                        Image: Jerri Mokgofe

Bushfire 31 Jerri-Mokgofe

South African rapper, AKA does exceptionally well at two things: taking a bath in a tub full of       controversy and  spitting bars. Luckily for his fans who were at Bushfire 2016, he only came for   the bars and he did it high grade style as per normal.                                         Image: Jerri Mokgofe