About us

The Travel Africa Squad is a group of young people who are crazy about African music festivals, we travel all over Africa in search of thee best festivals Africa has to offer. We go from Jazz festivals, Hip hop festivals, world music festivals, you name it, we are there.  So If you love music and travel, then we are your squad goals.

Our club has travel coordinators who do all the dirty, travel work for us: Booking flights, hiring vans where are doing road trips, booking festival passes and  drawing up the grandest itineraries for us; from hikes to street food experiences, to bars, clubs, sightseeing, historical tours, homestays, beach days, the works.

All our trips come with a trip assistant who has great knowledge of the city the festival will be held in. The trip assistant is with the group for the duration of the trip, helping the group with every reasonable thing they might need and also helping with navigating the city for itinerary purposes.

So basically all you  have to do is to show up with our bags.

It would be an honour to have you as member of our squad, we want to travel Africa with you, share memories with you, tag you on our instagram pictures, sing along to our favourite performances with you. We want to sit around the bonfire with you, we want to poke fun at you after a night of too many drinks, that you ended up calling your ex. We want to chase sunrises at the beach with you, learn new languages with you, eat weird food with you and learn new songs with you.

Here’s to being fun, youthful and adventurous, here’s to you, our squad goals.