Lesotho payment plan

 Roadtrip to and from Lesotho
 4 nights accommodation (2 nights camping with ready erected tent, mattress and bedding + 2 nights lodge)
 3 Breakfasts + 3 Lunches + 3 Dinners
 Festival Weekend Pass
 Day excursions
 Trip assistant

This is a club of cheapskate travelers, by that we mean, we travel in the cheapest way possible; and to achieve that we use an alternative payment method where you pay towards your travel costs on a month to month basis in small portions.

We use this payment method to wave the financial discipline flag, we want to motivate other young South Africans into saving and budgeting towards the things that they want. Our aim as a club is to YOLO without debt heart palpitations, we want you to return from your trip and still have money for rent, groceries and petrol without dipping into your credit card. So here’s to debt-free traveling.

1 Feb 2018                           R300.00
1 March  2018                     R300.00
1 April 2018                        R300.00
1 May 2018                          R300.00
1 June 2018                         R300.00
1 July 2018                          R300.00
1 August 2018                     R300.00
1 September 2018              R300.00
1 October 2018                   R300.00
1 November 2018              R300.00
Do note that the monthly installment is payable until the 7th of every month, so do not sweat it if life got a bit busy on the 1st, you have 6 other days to make the payment. But also note that if a payment is missed, you are charged a non-payment penalty fee of 10%.